Our podcast game is strong. Our team loves a good podcast and have done hours of creating, listening and producing to know what separates an average podcast from an extra-unordinary one. We know what makes listeners tune in, and we help brands produce exactly that.

  • Brand
  • Strategy
  • Show format
  • Episode production
  • Hosting and submissions
  • Promotion
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Podcast strategy

Want to become an industry voice? Our in-house team can help with all stages of podcast production, from concept and show format to brand and visual asset development, recording, production and publishing. We can also help with a custom launch and distribution strategy through paid or organic channels.

Podcast recording

Equipped with our own fit-for-purpose studio, we provide the perfect setting for recording podcast interviews. If your guest can’t be physically present, worry not – our team is adept at recording and editing through various platforms and editing it all together for audio consistency. We can also curate music and write scripts for intros and outros that’ll make you sound like a million bucks.

Podcast editing and publishing

We’ll make sure each episode is a polished masterpiece. Beyond production, we provide detailed episode descriptions, show notes, episode artwork, and distribution across all major podcast networks.

Podcast studio for hire

We’ve fitted out a made-for-purpose podcasting space in Newstead, Brisbane, to record audio for a range of purposes. Whether you’re looking to grab a voiceover for a video or record a podcast series in-person (with options for remote guests), we’ve got you covered.

Our space is super comfy and sound absorbent, with custom natural fibre carpeting and full-length acoustic curtains, ensuring crisp and clear sound for all recording devices. Equipped with four hands-free high-quality microphones, we cater to in-house recording sessions for up to four individuals and even facilitate telephone interviews.

Our sound recording deck is made for podcasting, allowing you to upload custom sound effects or intros and outros for live recording and production. Feel free to bring your own recording device or connect computers for multi-track audio recording.

The Content Division’s podcasting space is available for one-off or ongoing hire. Reach out to us for details on onboarding and production costs.

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