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January 24, 2022


An internationally recognised leader and innovator acclaimed as one of the world’s top women in tech, Leanne Kemp held the position of Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur from 2018-20.

During Leanne’s tenure, the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur (OQCE) engaged The Content Division to help create and distribute digital content in a variety of formats that sought to connect with, empower and share the stories of the state’s startups and entrepreneurs.

Podcasting with power

We worked with OQCE to create a library of engaging and inspiring startup stories and thought leadership, and teamed with them to create unKEMPt, a podcast for founders, investors and entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Leanne Kemp and produced by The Content Division, the podcast featured raw and honest interviews with some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and executives about their journeys, as well as Leanne’s own colourful and insightful advice for startups.

Podcasting at The Content Division

“I knew the what and the why of what I wanted but I didn’t know how,” Leanne says. “That’s where The Content Division shone.”

As well as producing the podcast, we provided the descriptions for each episode and a fortnightly email newsletter for OQCE that included the podcast, notes from the Office, more startup stories and a guide to relevant events for Queensland entrepreneurs.

Hail to the Chief

Often recorded while Leanne was on the road, the podcast ran until she completed her term as Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur in 2020.

unKEMPt featured interviews with a wide range of fascinating and high-powered guests – including leaders from Google, Microsoft and the World Economic Forum; the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor for National Security; and the founders of Australian ‘unicorn’ startups worth over $1 billion – and contributed to the Office’s goal of attracting the attention of investors and cementing Queensland’s reputation as Australia’s startup state.

“The post-production quality made everything come together on time and on budget,” Leanne says, “and we sounded like a million bucks!”

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