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January 21, 2022

Cryptoloc website mock up

Named one of Forbes’ 20 Best Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2020, Brisbane cybersecurity company Cryptoloc had developed the world’s strongest three-key encryption technology – but they hadn’t developed an effective way to communicate that message to their potential clients.

Their patented technology can be deployed across a wide range of applications, including file storage, document management and counterfeit prevention and detection solutions. This versatility led them to develop several products with different brands and identities, and as a result, they were having difficulty articulating the benefits and features required to make customers take notice and understand their offering.

We stepped in to rethink, streamline and transform the way Cryptoloc communicates with its clients.

Uncrossing the streams

“A member of our team had worked with The Content Division previously, and they had been instrumental in delivering the content marketing strategy, website design and management of all social media for that organisation,” says Cryptoloc Founder and Executive Chairman Jamie Wilson.

“Based on their previous engagement with The Content Division, they had no hesitation in recommending them to Cryptoloc and working with them again.”

We conducted surveys and focus groups with Cryptoloc’s target segments that revealed two clear problems – a brand architecture that customers didn’t understand, and diverse brand languages and positions that customers ignored.

We redesigned their brand architecture to be a Branded House, with all of their products nested under the master Cryptoloc brand. We provided a new brand style guide and completely reskinned the user interface of their products, with a focus on simplifying the user experience.

We also consulted on product and price settings that better reflected higher yielding target markets, and designed and developed a new website to reflect their new brand and position.

We created a suite of animated product explainer videos for sales teams and resellers to use, and we run an always-on social media and content program that ensures Cryptoloc remains front-of-mind for their prospects.


Loc’d on

Cryptoloc’s new approach is already paying dividends. Since untangling their brand identity and clarifying their offering, they’ve acquired a new enterprise client and achieved an ROI of 80x their marketing spend with The Content Division – a result that the company directly attributes to our work.

“Cryptoloc needed to raise our brand awareness, and this required a holistic approach to our overall brand strategy, including a review of our entire brand architecture and marketing assets,” Jamie Wilson says.

“The Content Division solved this problem by developing a brand strategy that enabled the business to articulate a core sense of purpose and establish a point of difference.”

We’ve since worked with Cryptoloc to manage the brand’s always on social presence, developed and launched multi channel campaigns, and launched a podcast demystifying cybersecurity.

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