Stripping down the numbers of success


June 24, 2024

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If there’s one thing we love more than listening to podcasts, it’s polishing them to perfection for our clients. The Content Division has had the pleasure of producing, editing and publishing the Stark Naked Numbers podcast, hosted by the Very Fun Accountant,™️, Jason Andrew.

The Stark Naked Numbers podcast is about stripping down the numbers behind business, investing and wealth creation. Jason Andrew, a chartered accountant, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “financial voyeurist”, explains financial concepts with real, practical examples, breaking down successful – and unsuccessful – businesses to find out what makes them tick; and gets leading business people to share their strategies.

Basically, he asks people how they made their money.

Think My First Million for an Australian audience of business owners, accountants and finance enthusiasts.

The bare essentials

We were tasked with developing the brand identity for the podcast, which included sourcing the theme music (the brief was “Succession vibes”), and creating visual and promo assets. Each episode is edited and polished by our team, integrating music, transitions and the occasional ad to create a professional finish.

Episodes are even filmed and recorded in our Newstead studio IRL. (Check it out!)

Our team also manages the podcast’s publishing schedule, creating audiogram snippets to promote each episode on social media platforms, including LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Behind the mic

With a growing library of episodes and a large and dedicated following, the podcast began gaining significant traction and subsequent interest from companies regarding sponsorship.

We developed a sponsorship deck that mapped value to deliverables, aiming to monetise the podcast and attract potential sponsors.

Since its launch in 2023, Stark Naked Numbers has released new episodes each month.

Here are the top three most downloaded episodes of the first year:

Episode 2: Interview with Pete Seligman

Pete Seligman, a search investor, shared his process for finding, growing, and exiting successful businesses. This episode provided invaluable insights for aspiring business owners.

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Episode 5: How to Buy a Business

Jason broke down the step-by-step process of acquiring a business, catering to both seasoned investors and newcomers.

Listen on Spotify

Episode 8: Interview with Tobi Pearce

Tobi Pearce, the mastermind behind the Sweat fitness app, discussed his financial strategies, asset allocation, and investment approach.

Watch on YouTube

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