Why we put story at the centre of The Lady Musgrave Trust’s marketing strategy


December 23, 2021

The Lady Musgrave Trust

The Lady Musgrave Trust is Queensland’s oldest charity, providing shelter and accommodation for homeless women and their children. Having been through a major brand refresh, The Lady Musgrave Trust sought a partner to help roll out their new brand and make every touchpoint a memorable experience for donors and corporate supporters. Engaged on an ongoing basis, The Content Division put together a brand execution and content marketing strategy for The Lady Musgrave Trust that included identifying content pillars, creating an asset library, producing a number of marketing videos, writing a sponsorship prospectus, assisting with major fundraising campaigns and building a custom WordPress CMS website.

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More than 100 years of stories to share

As Queensland’s oldest charity, The Lady Musgrave Trust has many incredible stories to be told. We put these stories at the centre of our strategy, sharing them through articles and videos, including the creation of a new Lived Experience video that showcased the lives of five women and was featured at the annual Annual Forum on Women and Homelessness.

We now help with the day-to-day management of The Lady Musgrave Trust’s website, email marketing and social media management.

Through our ongoing campaigns, we have significantly strengthened the brand awareness for The Lady Musgrave Trust, which has seen donations increase by more than 300% and new corporate sponsors engaged.

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