How to ignite and unite a community of female freelancers using video content


January 25, 2022

Freelancing Gems

Freelancing Gems is the only Australian job platform and community for female freelancers that covers all industries. With a mission to attract and convert freelancers, consultants, sole-traders, small business owners and side-hustlers to its digital platform – the brand sought unique video assets that communicated its emotionally charged mission and stood out in a sea of social content.

Creating content that sparkles

The Content Division was engaged to assist Freelancing Gems with video content required to launch the brand. We worked with the startup to establish PR assets such as a sizzle reel to introduce people to the brand and an animated explainer video that would be used in an ongoing campaign to reach and recruit people to the platform.


Through a concepting phase, we took a key insight about the gender wage gap to craft a narrative that informs the audience of the issue and presents Freelancing Gems as a solution.

The production process included concepting, scripting, storyboarding, animation services and delivery across multiple formats.

The explainer video has become Freelancing Gems’ highest converting creative used across social ads to convert new customers.

We’ve since helped Freelancing Gems with testimonial videos to help engage and convert new Gems. Watch here.


“We worked with The Content Division on our brand launch and animated explainer videos. Eight months on, the brand launch video has been featured on numerous mainstream news outlets, and the animated explainer is still our highest converting creative when used in social advertising. The bold copy immediately captures the viewers attention and the quality animations keep them watching. The Content Division are our go-to team for stand-out creative.”

Kirsty Jackson – Marketing and Community Management, Freelancing Gems

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