Holistic hotel services get animated


January 24, 2022

Nuvho is an innovative company helping independent hotels to maximise their financial performance by taking a coordinated approach to sales, marketing and revenue management. 

Their holistic approach sees them offering a wide range of operational services and tech solutions for clients, and they engaged The Content Division to help them boil down their offerings for prospective clients. 

A straightforward approach to storytelling  

After being briefed by Nuvho on the ins and outs of their services, we conceptualised, scripted, storyboarded, animated and gave voice to a series of short and sweet explainer videos – ranging from 30 to 45 seconds in length – that honed in on the pain points Nuvho could solve for prospective clients. 

The videos made seemingly abstract concepts tangible and relatable for viewers in the hotel industry, and clearly explained to them how Nuvhu could make their lives easier and help them improve their booking conversion rate. 



Spread throughout Nuvho’s website and set to be utilised in a variety of campaigns, the videos highlight the benefits of Nuvho’s holistic approach, and have helped the company to streamline and clarify its pitch to potential clients.

“Our brief was to condense complex messaging to key snippets that adequately explain our services in a professional manner,” says Nuvho co-founder and managing director Jude Bolger.

“The Content Division team were excellent, with a thorough process to define the messaging. Highly recommended!”


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