Show, don’t tell: How we helped GCCEC show off its  event-hosting capabilities 


November 21, 2022

GCCEC Deloitte Meeting

When COVID-19 hit Aussie shores in early 2020, the meeting and major events industry was upended. We don’t need to go into detail with what happened next.

Some 12+ months later, when business was back to the new normal, the game had changed. Major events and conferences were no longer just about the in-person experience. There was a major element of public safety to be considered, and a whole new way to host events – hybrid.

For Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, there was a task at hand to showcase the venue’s capability for holding major events and conferences that met these new requirements. The GCCEC team engaged The Content Division to work on a series of case studies (written and video) that showcased their team’s adaptability and flexibility.

We produced a series of case studies in a written, video and PDF format to ensure all mediums were considered (from social media to conference pitches).

Watch one below and check out the written case studies on the GCCEC website here: AREC, NSS, Deloitte Meeting, Domino’s Rally, Adventure Expo and GC Health.


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