How an Aussie beef producer built a global audience of customers and beef lovers


January 23, 2022

Steak School

Steak School by Stanbroke is a beef education platform and content product that’s, well, all about beef. Stanbroke engaged The Content Division to build relevant audiences for their digital channels and add value to the company’s existing clients. While epic imagery and funny ads might work, we decided to build a content platform that answers every single one of their questions about beef, in turn inspiring the brand’s audience to cook more.

Engaging an audience of meat-loving maniacs

We started by developing a content marketing strategy that involved multiple personas and customer journeys, content pillars and a distribution strategy. We then built an epic consumer-facing piece of marketing called Steak School, working on everything from brand and initial content creation, to the website build and associated assets development.

New articles are published fortnightly that satisfy the audience’s questions around the different cuts of beef available and how to cook them to perfection. We also created a series of marketing videos, in partnership with local butchers, chefs, restaurants, to showcase Stanbroke’s beef. The community is further engaged through Steak School’s associated Facebook page and monthly newsletter.

Steak School

Becoming an authority online

Steak School is consistently ranked in the top three global search results for common terms such as “best cuts of beef”, “should you freeze beef” and “how to reverse sear a steak”, cementing the objective of enabling the community to develop their cooking skills.

By focusing on providing valuable and relevant content pieces that satisfy the target audience, Steak School’s traffic has continued to grow rapidly, drawing an average of 40,000 pageviews through organic search each week, plus social traffic through the Facebook page, driving subscriptions and creating meaningful relationships between Stanbroke and its growing, beef-loving community.

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