That email thing? We do that too.

Email marketing can help you to build a database, engage an audience, and position yourself as the authority in your industry.

Why email marketing?

Emailing marketing is great way to build relationships with potential customers or extract more value from existing customers. Done well, it’s an extremely cost effective way of communicating with your customers in a way that you can control and measure.

How we help

The Content Division helps brands to understand their audience segments and personas to develop email products that build and engage custom audiences. We also help with content creation, email creation, database management and reporting.

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Building a database

There are many ways to encourage subscription from a relevant audience. We help to work out what the value proposition is that you can offer your audience to encouraging meaningful subscriptions.

The email product

You may have already developed a content product that’s valuable to your target audience, this can be repurposed in an email format. If not, The Content Division can help you develop an email product that is engaging and helps you to meet your objectives.


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