The Hard Cell: How we helped a battery case company power up its brand for the world stage


January 21, 2022

Vaulta battery technology

Face it, friend, our energy future is going to be renewable. And the humble battery will be doing the heavy lifting when it comes to storing delicious solar, wind and other renewables.

But batteries need to change, and fast. We’re heading for a high-waste battery future, where millions of tonnes of the suckers end up in landfill.

Enter Vaulta.


Making the case for a better battery case

Vaulta is a battery casing technology company based in Brisbane, Australia. Using advanced composite materials and smart, streamlined design, Vaulta has developed a lighter, smaller and really very good-looking battery case. It has way fewer parts, which creates scalable efficiencies and opportunities for manufacturers.

“We were a totally new company,” founder and director Dominic Spooner says. “No brand, no name, no website, no plan. We just had interest from investors, customers, and a little bit of investment.

“We needed to build a brand from the ground up that captured what we were trying to do. TCD helped with every step of that process, and will continue to do so into the future. We don’t have an internal marketing team, so we go to TCD for all things marketing.”

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What we did

Vaulta needed a brand, a strategy, and some clever thinking behind the most effective way to get the right eyeballs on something that will change how energy is used worldwide.

We worked with Vaulta to:

  • Diagnose their marketing needs
  • Set their marketing objectives
  • Determine their key audience segments
  • Position their brand correctly
  • Create a brand language that would not only resonate with their key audiences but differentiate the company from the sea of boring as feck competitors

From here, we added communication channels into their strategic plan – including public relations, website development, content creation for new and returning audiences, and execution.

Our marketing thinky stuff mixed with the crack team at Vaulta has helped the company gain investment, strategic partners, customers and growth. We’re now working on the next phase of making Vaulta a game changer in its industry through customer nurturing assets and lead generation tools.

Vaulta battery technology

Charged Up

The results have put Vaulta in the driver’s seat for further customer and company growth. Investors are calling, partnerships are being attracted and announced, and customers are moving into testing mode – all with Vaulta’s incredible products at their centre.

“To me, the single best benefit is TCD’s true understanding of people and what makes them tick,” Dominic says. 

“TCD is a one-stop shop with high quality results, and they do it all without confusing you along the way.

“We have closely aligned views on how to approach customers, and they also have a known ability to deliver through networks and referrals.”

The future is electric – and we’re proud to be a part of it with Vaulta. 

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