How we built a planet-saving new website For EarthCheck


November 22, 2022

EarthCheck website

If you ask us, the best thing about EarthCheck’s new website is it shows how the company’s tourism sustainability expertise has permeated through a stack of the most iconic destinations on the planet.

But there’s a whole lot more to it.

EarthCheck’s history in sustainable tourism spans more than three decades, and their expertise is unmatched globally.

So how do you communicate that?

An authoritative, emotive position

We started EarthCheck’s website with a workshop that brought their team and board members along for the ride.

We put it to their team that EarthCheck had runs on the board like no one else in their category, and their new website, copywriting, content and position should match their pedigree.

In an intense two-hour session, people got their deepest feelings off their chest, which allowed us to shift forward with their focused, strengthened positioning statement that EarthCheck’s sustainable tourism products and services are Good For Business, Good For the Planet.

We ran all of the outcomes through the ringer in qualitative testing sessions with their clients and other industry folk, just to seal the dealio.


EarthCheck website

Planning, concepts, design and development

TCD’s team audited (read: tore apart) EarthCheck’s existing website information architecture to simplify the way their website visitors use their site. We dived deep into their analytics to find out what people love, hate, ignore and more, and applied that knowledge to ensure the new site was serving up the goods.

With the IA done and dusted, our user experience and user interface designers went to work to create EarthCheck’s refreshed look and feel across their website. We leave nothing to chance here at TCD. So every page was designed, written, scrutinised, re-written and finalised to ensure a consistent and engaging user experience site-wide.

Testing and go-live

Snags? They’re not just for the barbecue. Because EarthCheck is a deeply experienced and technical business with a raft of custom software and technology their experts build in-house, working within the parameters of their requirements was challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Our experts worked with their team to get their site live, tested, and integrated with their relevant CRM and marketing tools. Handshakes all round.


The outcome

EarthCheck’s new website reflects the experience, deep history, scientific clout and people-focused business they are. It also instantly shows off the literal hundred (thousands even) of destinations they have helped across their long history.

Visitors find what they need fast, and leads flow to where they need to be quickly. And that, my friends, is damn good for business, and good for the planet.