How Incorporate Psychology is making the science of leadership more accessible  


May 16, 2023


The team at Incorporate Psychology uses psychology and science to help emerging leaders build their careers. But when you’re a bespoke team with unique talents you can only help so many people at a time…

Incorporate Psychology’s experts are not your average business coaches.

Where others use bravado and business babble, ICP’s team of psychologists use science and proven research methodologies to help their clients’ brightest talents become effective, trusted leaders.

The science of leadership at scale

ICP came to us to see how they could increase the reach of their tried and true leadership coaching program without losing the personalised feel of their unique, science-based approach. Their workshops are widely loved by their clients, but they wanted to serve more people in a meaningful way. Enter ICP Online, a learning management platform and suite of videos that digitised their expertise.

What we did

ICP’s leadership coaching is deeply personalised. They take a measured and research-backed approach to their program. And it was clear the unique personality of the coaches, and their calm demeanours, needed to be front and centre in any content that would be put in front of their clients. The answer? A bespoke but simple leadership coaching platform, and a suite of videos that put ICP’s experts in reach of more of their clients, without losing their deft touch at helping emerging leaders succeed.

Website UI

A bespoke leadership coaching platform

We went about designing the user interface and user experience of their online course portal. We worked with the ICP team to ensure it matched the personality of their clients through design and language.

The brief was to make this as simple as possible – where other LMS designs may use awards, gamification or cute characters to encourage learning, ICP’s clients are at the pointy end of the business world. A simple experience with engaging content was paramount.

Users can easily pick up where they left off in their modules, and they can access all of the resources required to complete their coaching. We built the website in WordPress using an Elementor core, which gives ICP an abundance of control over what their users see and access.

A suite of leadership coaching videos

ICP has a distinct voice – one of authority, calm and connection. We built sets that suited the personalities of their coaches, used soft but natural lighting techniques and diverse camera angles to capture 11 modules of leadership coaching.

Across the 11 modules different coaches take over the chair and guide their clients through the course, providing techniques and systems to help them in their careers, and pointing to resources for use throughout the course.

Across two days of filming the 11 modules were captured on set, with editing taking a few weeks after that.

TCD’s team applied animated slides and motion graphics to help vital content moments cut through, and consulted on how to ensure clients remained fully engaged by creating value-added cuts to be used as extra resources.

Once completed, the videos were loaded into the platform and readied for the first cohorts to take on their ICP coaching.


ICP is scaling the availability of its coaching with existing clients before looking to take on new markets. Clever – it’s like they know how to coach great business leaders or something …

Working with the TCD Team has been an absolute pleasure. They have been able to understand and articulate a complex brief with ease, and create high quality, engaging outputs that are bang on brief.

— Matt Dale – Director, Incorporate Psychology

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