Telltale Episode 2: Josh Cobb – Storytelling, can it change the perception of real estate agents?

By May 2, 2017 No Comments
Josh Cobb, CEO of Stepps

Real estate agents are among the least trusted professionals on the planet (according to Roy Morgan), so how can content and storytelling save the reputation of those property people willing to do their marketing differently? Josh Cobb, the chief executive of digital marketing company Stepps, says it’s all about authority, storytelling and creating a community.

Josh Cobb is also the host of Real Estate Pros, one of the most popular real estate podcasts in Australia with more than 42,000 subscribers and over 100 episodes. In this episode of Telltale, Josh discusses how his storytelling approach to marketing for real estate brands has helped them create trust and authority with their clients, and how building an audience before you build your product creates lifetime customers who will truly connect with your offerings.

Josh delivers tips around how to deliver content that your audience wants (hint: it’s not that hard) and talks about how his podcast has connected him with some incredible people in his industry. He says comprehensive, useful and helpful content is differentiating his clients from the rest of the real estate industry pack.

He also delves into why content that puts a more entertaining approach front and centre and also delivers value for audiences will be so important for brands in the next few years. Case in point – Actors read negative reviews about real estate agents.

Josh says the key differentiator in content marketing for brands is putting things into a dollar perspective, not into likes, shares or other murky metrics that digital marketers tend to use. His real lightbulb moment was when he discovered that telling stories about other people – not about his own business – engaged potential clients in a way like nothing else.

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