No matter where you look the term “influencer marketing” is being tossed about with (sometimes reckless) abandon. But it doesn’t always mean what you think it means, or do what you think it should. But if that’s the case, were you using it correctly in the first place?

This week on the Telltale podcast we speak with three of Brisbane’s brightest influencer marketing minds: Mackayla Paul, the founder of influencer marketing business Social Stylings; Victoria Harrison, Managing Director and Co-Founder of influencer marketing agency The Exposure Co; and Danielle Lewis, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of influencer platform Scrunch.

Influencer marketing is a term du jour but in reality the tactic has been around for decades, if not centuries. The idea that brands or people who crave an audience piggyback off the people or things that already have an audience has potentially been around since Jesus allegedly walked the earth.

Our expert influencer marketing panel delves into what influencer marketing actually means for brands right now, and why the biggest audiences aren’t always the best for brands wanting high engagement around their business objectives. We also take a look at the latest change to Instagram with its “Sponsored post” tag to be added to influencers’ posts and whether it’s something to be feared or embraced.

The panel also discusses the tools available for brands to ensure their influencer marketing delivers results, and where brands need to look to find the different services and opportunities the tactic delivers (hint: it’s not always on Instagram).

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