Telltale episode 10: Angela Hirst – How Wandering Cooks is telling Brisbane’s food story

By June 27, 2017 No Comments
Angela Hirst from Wandering Cooks

The raw reality of being in the business of food is a tough one. Angela Hirst is a Wandering Cook with a delicious mission to help food entrepreneurs get the business menu right from the start.

In this episode of Telltale, Angela Hirst, the founder of food startup entrepreneur space Wandering Cooks, discusses how her drive to be a part of the food industry led to what is now the biggest food innovation space of its kind in the world.

When you wander into Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane, it’s like being transported into a foodie heaven. A wide open outdoor event space is lined by beautiful wooden tables and a living, breathing green wall draws you in to a funky indoor bar area that screams sit down with friends and have a quiet one.

But it’s off to the side, in Wandering Cooks’ commercial kitchen spaces, that Angela says the real magic happens.

Ninety-eight businesses from bakers, catering operators through to health food entrepreneurs and cupcake makers call the commercial kitchen spaces their home, buoyed by the fact the huge startup costs that usually hinder food businesses before they begin do not apply.

And that, Angela says, is the point of Wandering Cooks. Or as she calls it – the heart of Brisbane’s food community.

In this podcast Angela talks about how Wandering Cooks went from fruition to success, the struggles and triumphs of being a food entrepreneur incubator, why live events were the marketing jump-start the business needed, and how collaboration and co-operation has delivered new food businesses right in front of her eyes.

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