Why Stanwell decided to change the way it tells its brand's stories


Our client Stanwell


Content Marketing Strategy, Thought Leadership Workshops, Content Creation (animation), Website Development

Stanwell does a lot more than just keep the lights on across Queensland. The energy asset owner and operator has incredibly talented people and focused strategies - and decided it was time people got to know them.

Stanwell is one of the biggest and most trusted energy asset owners in the state. Their strategy – “Together we create energy solutions” – addresses all manner of things. The challenges in the energy market, the rapid change of the industry and the people involved who make it all happen.

Stanwell needed to present its strategy in a way that made sense to stakeholders, staff and shareholders, so we helped them create an animation that communicated the story behind their people, assets and business.

You can watch part 1 below.

But the real power at Stanwell – despite them being behind the energy that powers the state – lies in the talents of the people who run the show. That’s why Stanwell came to us for content strategy development and workshop services to help their teams structure their content in a meaningful way that supported business communications objectives. It also helped executives embrace a thought leadership program that positions them as authorities for their key audiences.

Check out Stanwell’s content hub here.

“The Content Division ran two-hour thought leadership workshops for our senior business leaders and they were an absolute hit. Kurt is a genuine expert in his field. He managed to convince a room full of (mostly) engineers that thought leadership and content marketing are valuable endeavours. We’ve now got a long list of story ideas to work through and have been pleasantly surprised to have already received story submissions from several of our leaders. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

– Bec Manley
Senior Marketing & Communications Adviser

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