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Content Marketing Strategy, Content Creation (videos, articles and reports), Social Media and Community Management

When you look at some of the most successful B2B technology brands across the world, one thing in their marketing sets them apart from their competitors. Their voice. For international student payment platform Cohort Go, how they say things to their diverse audiences matters.

Cohort Go is an international payments platform for students, education agents and education providers. As part of its platform, the Brisbane-based company aims to empower life-changing experiences by connecting the international education community.

As a fast-growing SaaS company, Cohort Go sought a partner to assist with high-quality content creation for its communications with various audiences.

The Content Division was engaged to create a content marketing strategy that addressed the company’s objectives and defined content pillars and an execution plan.

The Content Division worked with Cohort Go to form brand voices for their diverse audiences that would cut through the often boring and corporate leaning voices B2B brands use every day. From this, we helped Cohort Go by creating a library of promotional and utility videos for the brand’s payments platform, written content for its blog and email marketing, and social content for its various social channels.

We’ve also helped write and design in-depth reports from surveys conducted by Cohort Go and developed an influencer marketing strategy to engage international students and build awareness for the Cohort Go payment platform.

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