Buckham and Duffy

The business

Buckham and Duffy is a software development company that builds easy-to-use digital business systems to help automate processes, drive efficiency and optimise revenue.

As a solutions-orientated business, Buckham and Duffy is focused on providing individually tailored services to all clients that automate and enhance business processes, drive revenue and increase efficiency.

The challenge

The challenge was to redesign the Buckham and Duffy website, and identify and engage its key audiences with content that educates and inspires them to make their business processes more efficient and innovative.

How we helped

The Content Division identified two key audiences (SMEs and CTOs) and designed the website with audience-intentions front-of-mind.

Buckham and Duffy’s website redesign involved mapping out a clear path for each of its intended users and developing the content required at every step of their decision making process. For SMEs this was a library of utility-based content about automation, and for CTOs it was a thought-leadership content product: CTOdaily.

Content Product

CTOdaily is a daily email authored by Buckham and Duffy co-founder Jordan Duffy. The email is a curation of the latest tech and innovation news, and includes Jordan’s comments on the most important news stories of the day. The goal was to engage the CTO audience in a way that makes Buckham and Duffy the authority on business automation and innovation.