The business

Beepo is an outsourcing and offshoring company that provides workforce support across a range of business services including management, marketing and administration roles. Beepo makes outsourcing accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes – understanding the challenges faced by small and medium businesses dealing with increasing labour costs.

The challenge

The challenge was to understand Beepo’s target audiences to develop a digital marketing strategy and inform a website restructure.

How we helped

The Content Division helped Beepo by executing a in-depth audit of its website and digital marketing activities, with recommendations to improve its website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) and user experience (UX).

The Content Division also delivered a number of one-on-one consulting sessions around digital strategy, social media strategy, content strategy and website strategy, and website interface design to drive and convert leads.

The Go For Growth

We helped Beepo to identify a content product which would differentiate the business from other outsourcing companies in the market.

While a lot of Beepo’s competitors compete on price, its key focus is on helping businesses grow, and that just happens to be through the use of outsourcing. To align the marketing objectives with this goal, we helped Beepo start the Go For Growth show – a content product that takes the best business growth tips from business owners, clients and industry experts, to help its target audience get into a growth mindset.

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