Social media and community management

Do you want your social media accounts to drive sales, tell your story or keep your loyal customers engaged?

What we offer

Trying to do more than one of these things with your social platforms is a sure-fire way to kill your engagement (and we all know engagement is core). We manage the content creation for your social media platforms (as dictated by your digital marketing strategy) and the day-to-day posting, monitoring and reporting for your accounts.

Social listening

We use social monitoring and listening tools to keep an ear out for any mentions of your brand or related content that could be of relevance to you or your audience. We use this to actively participate in conversations about your brand, provide customer service and curate relevant content for your social profiles. Simple.

Influencer marketing

Aligning your brand with key influencers and advocates can help to amplify your social strategy, grow your audience and create brand trust. We partner with top influencer marketers to find the right people to promote and partner with your brand on a one-off or regular basis.

Live social

Capturing your events or activities in real time is the most powerful way to engage your audience on social media. We can help by facilitating or training your staff in the best methods of capturing and curating live video and story content, and live tweeting or posting.

Social media reporting

We manage and measure your social media performance to make sure your accounts are working to build and engage a relevant audience for your channels. 


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