Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We help brands across a range of industries outrank their competitors in search with a combination of search engine optimisation basics and best practice, and fantastic audience-focused content.

This is how we do it

A lot of the SEO information shared by agencies is smoke and mirrors and we don’t like that at all. SEO isn’t a secret – it’s just the basics of having an online presence these days. At the end of the day, Google is in the business of providing best in class customer experience – so it’s not going to serve up some rubbish resource for a search term. What we’re saying is the best resource on the internet is going to rank first – so focus on being that.

Optimising websites for search engines

When agencies or consultants talk about SEO, they can be talking about any number of tactics that will help your website be readable by search engines (let’s face it – Google) and seen as the best resource or result for the relevant search term.

This starts with basics and bast practice – tactics such as ensuring your website metadata is in order, pages have enough relevant content and keywords included, heading and content structure is in place to allow Google to easily navigate the content, image naming conventions are in line with best practice and images are alt-tagged (and so on and so forth).

We make sure this is all in place from day dot – but if you think you’ve missed the boat, we can help sort it out.


Check out how we helped one of Australia’s largest beef producers here

Ranking for specific keywords

After all of the basics and best practice SEO tactics are in place, you can turn your attention to being the best resource on the internet for *that* search term. When search engines are trying to determine what the most relevant source is on the internet, they’re looking for a number for things:

  • Content – quality and quantity in relation to the keyword on your site
  • User’s time on page – again proving the quality of your content
  • How relevant the search term is to the website content overall – AKA it’s not just the page that’s ranking, it’s the whole site – so relevant content across the site is vital
  • How up to date the content is – one reason why blogs are so helpful when it comes to websites ranking

As far as we’re concerned, this is the fun bit. And it’s not just an SEO activity – your website content should aim to answer every single one of your audience’s questions and help ease their anxieties. It’s a holistic marketing activity that just happens to be very good for your website’s SEO.


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