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The Telltale Podcast

The podcast for marketers wanting to learn from fantastic storytellers.

In Season 1 of the Telltale Podcast, Kurt Sanders and Brittanie Dreghorn spoke to Australian marketers and business owners about the stories behind their brands and how they share them through their marketing. To keep with the Telltale theme, the pair asked each of their guests to share one of their best kept white lies. Check out some of the best ones here.

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Unfound Fears Podcast

The podcast about pushing past the fears that stop you from doing awesome things.

The Unfound Fears Podcast is a series by Kurt Sanders that looks at the drivers of fear and why it stops us from doing the things we really love. Kurt speaks to entrepreneurs, culture and change experts, and even a young funeral director, to really get to know how the brain works when we experience fear, and the other factors that makes us freak out and bail.

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