The Digital Marketing Pros Workshop is for businesses and marketers who want to create effective digital marketing strategies and learn how to execute them in a way that cuts through the digital, content and social media noise.


TBC – check back soon
The Powerhouse,
119 Lamington St, New Farm
Brisbane, 9am-4pm


Who should attend?
Small-to-medium business owners, marketing team members, whole marketing teams and micro businesses who want to step up their digital game.

What to expect 
Sessions covering social media, video, content marketing, your website, SEO, why businesses need to think differently about digital marketing and how it can drive leads and revenue without costing the earth.

You will get…
A full day of coaching and actionable tips in a setting that encourages questions, group learning and real outcomes. Your workbook will help you shape and execute your strategy.

The Digital Marketing Pros Schedule

9-9.15am Welcome
Introductions and house keeping

9.15-10.30am The Digital Marketing Mindset
Thinking around digital, social media and content marketing is different to traditional advertising and marketing. Using case studies we go in-depth to explain how customers have changed and why marketing is now about helping, not selling.

10.30-10.45am Grab a quick tea or coffee 

10.45am-12.30pm Your website and how to use Google Analytics
At the centre of your business universe is your website and the data and insights you can pull from it. We spend session 2 investigating the customer journey with your website, why you need to treat it like it’s on the payroll, how to optimise it so search engines love it, and how to measure and react to your data.

12.30-1.15pm Lunch supplied

1.15-2.45pm Content creation and promotion (video, writing, podcasting, social media, organic and paid amplification)
“Build it and they will come” no longer applies to your website. We go through the content types and social media channels that drive different kinds of customer actions, when and where to use them, and we show you how to create and edit short videos, podcasts and create written content without breaking the bank.

2.45-3.30pm Writing your digital strategy
It’s all for nothing if it’s not on paper. We take you through the steps to creating a content strategy and ensure you leave with a document that will get your business on the right digital track.

3.30-4pm Questions and networking


Need to convince your boss? Justify your registration here

We understand time and money are precious commodities in business but getting your strategy wrong costs far more. So here’s a letter you can download and give to your boss to justify spending the day honing your skills, preparing your strategy and learning how to prove its ROI. It’s in Microsoft Word format and has fields ready for you to fill in.

What people are saying about our workshops

“The workshops provided so many great insights – we have applied some of them immediately and others are a work in progress. After working with The Content Division I consider them experts and will continue to reach out for their advice as we grow Beepo.”Aimee Englemann CEO of BeepoAIMEE ENGELMANN CEO, BEEPO