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We can shape our services to match the needs of your business.

Monthly retainers: Our monthly retainers are our most popular service, where we deliver strategy and content for you week to week or even day to day. We’re your content division, so to speak. 

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Projects: We know every business is different (so are we) so we can also work with you on a project basis if that suits you better. We can work on strategy, design and develop websites, create video, graphic and written content, handle your email marketing, manage your social media content and advertising budget, and more.

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The Content Division's content marketing services

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What's this content marketing thing?

Content marketing is all about using your website, emails, social media and other brand touchpoints to create an audience that trusts and ultimately buys from your business. We say trust because it’s about building a relationship with your customer through audience-focused content such as blogs, entertaining podcasts and informative videos (to name a few).

If you want to know more, there’s a great documentary by Content Marketing Institute that you can watch here.

Dive into the world of content marketing.

Our approach


What’s your customer’s Moment of Inspiration?

Everyone has a Moment of Inspiration. We create content that entertains and adds value at a memorable touchpoint before your customer even knows they need you.



At some point, your customer has a trigger. It may be that their phone stops working, or they need new luggage, or their boss asks them to purchase new software. We help you to be front of mind when this trigger goes off.


Initial Consideration Set

You and your competitors form an initial consideration set for your customers, and they’ve never been armed with more information to make a decision about you before they even make contact. We create content that helps you to stand out from your competitors and adds value for your customers. 



Your customers may only come in contact with you when it comes to the conversion. We help you to identify how to add value at this point and make it a memorable touchpoint.



We believe that word of mouth marketing is the best value marketing a brand can get. We help you to turn your customers into brand advocates to help you get the most value out of your customers as possible, and get them to keep coming back for more.

What we need from you

Some of your time

We always begin with a fact-finding session with you and your team. We use this session to decide on the business objectives your marketing strategy needs to bring to life, the culture and existing strategies your company has executed. We’ll also be back a few weeks later to present your strategy to your team to ensure everyone is bought in and understands their roles in the strategy execution.

Your information and data

We also need access to any data (Google Analytics, databases or other), brand frameworks, style guides and market research you’ve used in the past to ensure our strategy creation keeps your prior activities and tactics in context.

A friend

We need a contact point in your company we can bug with questions, ideas and messages to ensure communication – whether it be a one-off project or an always-on relationship – stays rock solid. We’ll set up a regular catch-up with your contact person so you can see what we’re doing for your business.