In startup land, thinking big is the only option. Your idea, that thing you may be about to dedicate your time, money, life and love to, has to solve a big problem, reach a global market and dominate, lest it be cast aside, forgotten or worse – never seen at all.

But it can be a lonely journey, and the power of people and connecting to ideas and networks can mean the difference between failure and triumph. It’s something Peta Ellis, the chief executive officer of startup co-working space River City Labs, has seen over and over again.

In this episode of the Telltale podcast, Peta discusses why startups need to think big about their product, their market and the amount of disruption they need to cause to ensure a foothold in their industry becomes the foundation for something far bigger. Join me, Kurt Sanders and co-host Brittanie Dreghorn as we find out what makes River City Labs tick. Let’s start the show.

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