“Having a ‘no dickhead’ policy is hard to do because they’re not always that obvious,” says Mark Sowerby, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur. But having such a policy builds an enviable culture, and that’s what today’s podcast is all about.

In this episode of Telltale, Mark Sowerby, the founder and former managing director of Blue Sky Alternative Investments, and Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur, discusses how he and his team at Blue Sky built an enviable culture and, with it, a fund management firm with $3 billion under its watchful eye.

Mark delves into how Brisbane and Queensland has become a powerhouse for startup businesses and how a study he commissioned from Harvard was the proof he needed to turn the city into a haven for new businesses.

He also discusses his journey of building a culture of engagement and success at Blue Sky Alternative Investments, and how the “no dickhead” policy was crucial to ensuring the right people ended up at the company.

And his Little White Lie is one for the ages.

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