For many of us, venturing out of our comfort zones can be nerve-racking, anxiety-inducing stuff. For Ben Southall it’s just another day at the office.

In this week’s episode of the Telltale podcast we talk to Queensland’s Adventurer-in-Residence (how’s that for a job title?), Ben Southall.

You may recognise Ben from that other incredible career, when Tourism Queensland secured his services for the Best Job in the World in 2009. Ben acted as an ambassador and caretaker of the islands along the Great Barrier Reef for a year. What a tough gig.

But Ben’s adventurous spirit and a sense that every day should test your curiosity as a human being in a vast, diverse world made him an intrepid globetrotter well before he was selected to lead one of the greatest game-changing tourism marketing campaigns of all time.

Now Ben has his eyes on a different adventure. He’s leading Advance Queensland’s Venturer program, in which entrepreneurs and business owners learn resilience, tenacity and emotional intelligence in their pursuit of success.

Ben talks about how the individual experiences of his program’s participants have sprouted a raft of storytelling from blogs to imagery and videos, and how challenging people physically and taking them out of their comfort zones forges more resilient, emotionally aware and tough entrepreneurs.

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