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Steak School


Content Marketing Strategy, Website/Content Platform Build, Social Media and Community Management, Content Creation (video and copywriting)

Australian beef producer Stanbroke is connecting with meat enthusiasts throughout the country (and the world) through its online content platform, Steak School.

How do you engage an audience of meat-loving maniacs? Epic imagery? Maybe. Funny ads? Could work. A beef education website that answers every single one of their questions about cooking with beef and inspires them to do it more? Hell. Yes.

Enter Steak School by Stanbroke, a beef education platform and content product all about beef.

In this piece of consumer-facing marketing, Stanbroke wanted to help educate consumers around the world about the different cuts of beef available, including everything they need to know about them and of course, how to cook them to perfection.

For example, here’s a video we made with Newstead Brewing Co and New Farm boutique butcher Peter Augustus to showcase beef and engage local chefs.

But it’s not all about the #meatporn (although, the audience do love that). We started by developing a content marketing strategy that involved multiple personas and customer journeys, content pillars, and a distribution strategy.

We then helped build the Steak School content platform, working on everything from brand and initial content creation, to the website build and associated assets development.

The objectives of the project included building a beef-loving audience for Stanbroke’s consumer products, positioning Stanbroke as the authority in the beef industry, and add value to Stanbroke’s existing clients.

Here’s an example of how we worked with one of Stanbroke’s existing clients, e’cco Bistro.

Since launching in January 2018, we’ve collaborated with chefs and industry representatives around the world to provide educational content around the different cuts of beef, methods of ageing, preparing and cooking with beef and all sorts of recipes tailored to meat-enthusiasts.

Steak School now attracts tens of thousands of visits through organic search every week, plus social traffic through the Facebook page, driving subscriptions and creating meaningful relationships between Stanbroke and its growing, beef-loving community.

Articles like ‘How to dry age beef at home’ and ‘How to reverse-sear the perfect medium rare steak’ have attracted thousands of views alone and cement the objective of enabling the community to develop their skills in cooking with beef.

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