Why Seasons Aged Care has set out to answer every question there is about entering aged care


Seasons Aged Care


Content Marketing Strategy, Content Creation (Video Production)

Seasons Aged Care is a tackling a whole-of-industry perception problem by answering every question their customer could possibly have

Seasons Aged Care is a community living provider, operating seven aged care communities across south-east Queensland.

The forward-thinking company is focused on changing the face of aged care in Australia, to give those in aged care independence and comfort in a safe and friendly environment.

Confronted with increasing competition and facing an awareness problem in its target market, Seasons Aged Care sought to differentiate its brand and stand out from other services.

The priorities were to position Seasons Aged Care as an authority in its market, engage the target audience during the research phase of the customer journey, and increase tours of the facilities, to fill the sales pipeline.

The Content Division provided an in-depth audit of Seasons Aged Care’s existing marketing activities and digital assets, and conducted focus groups, to inform a digital marketing strategy for the brand.

Seasons Aged Care’s marketing strategy included a vision for the Seasons Aged Care online presence, an earned media strategy, and recommendations for the human resources that would be required to execute the strategy in-house.

We also helped to build the marketing team, guided the initial content calendar, and provided ongoing consulting services during execution of the strategy.

The Content Division created some of the core utility assets for the new Seasons Aged Care website. This includes but is not limited to the video room tours to help better inform potential customers. You can watch the videos here.

Seasons Aged Care’s website blog is now an informative resource about aged care in Queensland. It is completely committed to being audience-focused and provides unbiased information across a number of relevant content pillars for seniors.

This blog was a core part of Seasons Aged Care’s marketing strategy in order to position the brand as an authority in the eyes of its potential customers.

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