Executive Consulting Group

The business

Executive Consulting Group is a sales training and business strategy consulting firm, based in Brisbane.

The challenge

The challenge was to position Executive Consulting Group as a trusted and leading provider of sales training and business strategy in Australia.

How we helped

Requiring brand and digital assets development, The Content Division helped Executive Consulting Group to understand its target audience, the needs of its customers and the customer journey when searching and signing up for these kinds of services.

This understanding informed the position of the brand, the voice, the website IA and content strategy.

Executive Consulting Group Website

The Executive Consulting Group website is designed to capture the intent of prospects and drive them towards conversions for ECG’s staff. It was incredibly important to nail the intentions of the type of website user ECG attracts, and to tell their brand story in a way that doesn’t encourage quality leads to abandon the website.

It is also built with business growth and expansion at its core. A content hub has been integrated to serve ECG’s ideal users compelling content and help drive them further down the pathway to converting.

Result: Through regular content creation and social media management, Executive Consulting Group’s website traffic grew 60% month on month in the first three months after launching.

Executive Consulting Group Website

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