Digital Brisbane

The business

Digital Brisbane is paving the way for Brisbane to be a more connected and accessible city and a competitive player in the global digital economy. As a core unit within Brisbane Marketing (Brisbane City’s Economic Development Board), its¬†programs are centred around assisting and inspiring entrepreneurs and digital startups.

The challenge

The challenge was to highlight the startup success stories in Brisbane to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs to get to work on their ideas.

How we helped

The Content Division delivered a series of in-depth feature articles about Brisbane startups that were not only inspiring, but educational.

We had Brisbane entrepreneurs share their stories and reveal the pain points and challenges they faced in the early stages of their startup. We then captured this in feature articles and distributed the articles through the Digital Brisbane e-newsletter and social channels.

Digital Brisbane

The website traffic to these articles trumped any other content published, and often exceed the total site traffic on any given day. The time on page confirmed that the audience was engaged and the content was what they needed.

Digital Brisbane e-newsletter