Hi Endeavour team!
Quick question: what the hell does a quilt maker have to do with helping you guys market your courses?

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What we get up to in our workshop

9-10.30am: The Content Mindset and Staking Your Claim

This session is about thinking big and thinking differently. So we delve into the global brands - both inside and outside your sector - who do it well. We'll pick apart the things that truly engage their audiences. Most of the time it comes down to brands staking a bold claim, and acting on it relentlessly. We work together to stake your claim - this will become your content mission.

10.40am-12.30pm: Objectives, Audiences and Customer Journey Mapping

Great marketing truly aligns with your business objectives. We get those objectives front of mind so everyone understands what they're working towards. We then talk about how those objectives apply to your audiences, and that means persona development. We then plot this on a customer journey together, so it's clear just what messages need to appear and when.

1.30-3pm: Content Pillars, Content Types and Your Calendar

Let's get creative. How will your content educate, entertain, inspire or help your audiences towards a positive action? Is your website a good enough mouse trap? We workshop the content types, ideas and tactics that can be applied to the customer journey and the channels. We start to create a content calendar your team can begin executing the very next day.

3.20pm-Finish: Measurement, Data and Tweaks

How we measure success can be wildly different from business to business. We need to break marketing's reliance on sales conversions as the only metric and focus on what makes your marketing tick across the whole customer journey. Let's agree on what needs to be measured, who's doing it and how we tweak our tactics.



First thing’s first – a willingness to get involved, ask questions, make suggestions and approach marketing as a craft, not just a job.

Secondly, your ideas on what’s great, what’s not and what’s missing in Endeavour’s marketing right now.

Thirdly, the goal to have a shared vision of what needs to be done when you leave the room.

Food, notepads, paper will be on your tables for you