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We always start with strategy.

Content marketing is all about adding value to your customers and answering their questions so you can become a relevant and authoritative source of information. This helps to drive website traffic and nurture your customers along a journey so that they are ready to buy from you.


Website Audit

If your website visitors are dropping off halfway through your order form or spending hours hovering over the ‘contact us’ button they may not have all the information they need to take the next step. We make sure that your website is providing all the information your customers need so that when it comes to the sale or enquiry, they’re a qualified lead or conversion.

We also check out the technical aspects of your website to make sure there’s nothing holding you back from ranking or affecting the user experience – we want to make your customer’s journey as smooth as possible.

STEP 02.

Audience analysis

In order to find out what information or inspiration they need (that you can provide for them) we need to get really clear on who your audience is and what their problems are. We conduct an in-depth audience analysis to create personas that represent each of your target audiences. Forget demographics, we want to know the name and face of your customers, and we work hard to get that picture.

STEP 03.


We believe that in a digital marketplace and especially on social media, a distinct brand voice is the only way to stand out to customers. By understanding your customer personas, we develop voice characteristics to define and guide your website, email and social media tone of voice and type of language used.

STEP 04.

Customer journey

All of your customers will take a journey to purchase from you. By understanding where you stand in this journey and how you can add value at multiple touch points you can start to play a strategic role in how you secure customers. We look at where you can answer your customers questions and how you can inspire them to check you out earlier so that when it comes time to purchase, your brand is front of mind.

STEP 05.

Content pillars

Content marketing can inform customers along their journey, or inspire them before they even know you exist. Once we know who your audience are, we uncover the best content pillars to engage them, and push them along the customer journey.


Content Creation

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