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The Content Division is a digital agency that solves brands’ marketing problems by creating compelling stories and strategies that people want to be a part of. In every piece of content we deliver – from websites and branding to content strategy development and execution – our guiding value is that different is better than better.

The Content Division can help you with marketing strategy development, digital marketing workshops, website audits and design, and content creation either on a project or retainer basis depending on your needs. We can also consult on how to build the ideal marketing team for your business, whether it’s upskilling a one-person team for small businesses or putting together an extensive content marketing studio for enterprise.

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Meet the team

Kurt Sanders

Kurt Sanders


Kurt has more than 10 years experience as a journalist, trainer, content marketing strategist and public speaker, and has worked with brands across a huge range of industries including sales training, health, economic development and tourism.

Kurt is the co-host of the Telltale podcast, a resource for marketers who want to learn how storytelling can help brands cut through the marketing clutter. He also hosts the Unfound Fears podcast, a podcast about pushing past the fears that stop you doing awesome things.

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Brittanie Dreghorn

Brittanie Dreghorn


Brittanie has vast experience in building and managing audiences on social media and websites, and has created targeted, audience-focused content in industries including education, economic development, startups and tourism.

Brittanie’s strategic background has helped businesses build audiences that take action. She is the co-host of the first season of the Telltale podcast, and the editor of Britt’s List, an online publication focused on showcasing Australian brands that are making efforts in sustainability.

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Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan


Sarah has extensive experience in media relations, content marketing and stakeholder engagement. As a senior print journalist, she’s worked for regional newspapers, magazines and online publications in Australia and England.

Sarah’s work in the content marketing field has been recognised with national awards in the B2B and B2C sector. At The Content Division, Sarah manages our clients’ public relations projects, securing media placement across a number of mediums.

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Mackenzie Geeves

Mackenzie Geeves


Mackenzie is a marketing and design pro, and is obsessed with all things #social. Her experience spans agency, private and not-for-profit organisations, including a stint at TEDxColumbia as the Chief Design Officer.

At The Content Division she plans and curates our clients’ social media accounts, writes and produces website content, and assists with events and video production.

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Tijana Jaksic

Tijana Jaksic


Tijana has a wealth of experience producing print and digital content and executing content strategy for national and international brands spanning a wide range of industries, including travel, recruitment and mining. She has also contributed to a number of passion projects in the not-for-profit sector.

With a B.A. in Journalism, Tijana is a strong storyteller who understands the importance of balancing commercial needs with a unique approach to craft content that is strategic yet engaging, while constantly adapting to remain current in the ever-evolving digital space.

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We believe your

customers should be treated with respect.

That means we value their time, and we’ll do anything to add value to their day rather than disrupt them with marketing messages, overly promotional ads and irrelevant content. We help our clients to create content that entertains, educates and engages their audiences in ways that are helpful and 100% customer focused.

The content we create is different, because we believe that different is better than better. We create strategies for our clients that set them apart from their competitors.